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Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my Lords, that where law ends, there tyranny begins.

William Pitt in the House of Lords (9 January, 1770).


Did you know that over 270,000 Americans died fighting socialists and communists in the last century?           

Over 175,000 died in WWII, there were 36,940 in Korea and 58,236 in Vietnam.  What?  175 thousand in WWII ??? You mean you do not remember the NATIONAL SOCIALIST party?  Maybe you remember them better as the NAZI party!

Is it not interesting that communist and socialist like to hide their true identity. 

Who is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?  Answer:  NORTH KOREA (i.e. Communist)

Who was the German Democratic Republic?  Answer:  EAST GERMANY (i.e. Communist)

Who is the People's Republic of China  Answer:  mainland China (i.e. Communist)

From the day that Obama was elected to March 6, 2009, the Dow Jones dropped from 9625.28 to 6594.44.  That is 30% of its value.  Nice going Comrade President.

Hmmm...  Dow Jones Dives 332.13 to 7949.09 on Obama inauguration.  A forecast for the Socialist Presidency?

Just Great.  A Freaking SOCIALIST won the presidency.  Now the 60,000 who died in Korea and Vietnam, FIGHTING socialist, truly died in vain.






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